Havening Techniques Cork
Havening Techniques Cork
Online 5 Week Course starting again 26th November online 7.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Awakening & Co Creating our desires.

We will work with deep inner work connecting with our inner beliefs & changing patterns which are limiting our manifestation. We will work with HAVENING tapping & visualisations releasing blocks and stagnant energy. We will investigate our parts the beliefs you have inherited and how to change those patterns Learn your default modes what you tell ourself We will learn about our fears and why we have them & where they materialised from. We will go right back to our inner child & release those patterns that are responsible for blocks & fears.

We will work on inner child DKN.

We will learn how we are unconsciously manifest from beliefs & patterns from our parents etc. We will talk about light and dark and learning what self love really is and how to really take care of ourselves. You will know about vibration and how to manifest and how to raise ur vibration. This course will be very different as we won’t be numbing our emotions with affirmations we will be learning where they came from and making changes. So much more happens like Friendships acceptance love for yourself courage. This is a life changing course so if you feel ready to make that change start with this & open yourself up to expansion, All this for €250.00 (No Date Yet), 2 installments of €125.00 or €50 a week

This Course can be difficult at times as your ego &fears don't want you to change but at the end you will see what you are cocreating.. Facing yourself is hard but most rewarding .

Let's learn to tell a new story

We will learn about why your manifestation are not filling that void within. We will learn about intentions vibrations inspired manifestation etc. You will require the following Writing pad & pen 3 Vision Boards available in Mr Price at the moment Photograph of yourself as a child Candle We will do a lot of written work 1st 2 weeks but this will free your patterns and you will really see yourself. This course is very personal & I deep which is why I like to do it online so you have the time and space to contemplate

Havening Techniques Cork