What is Havening

Havening is one of the most effective techniques for trauma anxiety depression PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Havening aims to treat the following Depression & Anxiety Symptoms caused due to traumatic encoding of negative events by using sensory input to alter thoughts mood & Behaviour. Its also used for building confidence and resilience etc. So What does all that Mean Well this amazing technique can help to reduce anxiety by altering the way memories are stored or remembered.

The process is thought to work by boosting levels of the mood stabilising brain chemical serotonin which can disrupt the link between the memory of an event and the distress it causes. The aim is to bring the brain from a Gamma Wave to a Delta Wave around the memories. So when your brain is in a Gamma Wave you are overthinking a lot you could be anxious and upset & that is 100 hertz so havening mixed with my other modalities will bring your brain down to 0.4 hertz so the memory will have a relaxing effect on you . Then your body comes out of fight or flight mode and you start to relax like you have never relaxed before. So the memory only needs to be remembered for 30 Seconds you don't even have to talk about it. The results will be freedom from the past. Havening also works well with my mindfulness techniques to build confidence & resilience and help you to manifest.

Havening is 50 times faster than hypnotherapy. You will be guided into very relaxed hypnotic states where we will work on building your subconscious mind This technique and other psychosensory therapies have had huge success with veterans & victims of the holoacust. Afterwards you will receive a meditation. This is a life changing therapy

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