What is Sound therapy and sound baths

The goal of sound therapy "is ultimately balance and restoration, though we have seen emotional release of all kinds, such as crying, euphoria, laughter, and anger releasing

Binaural beats, yet another form, involves playing two separate tones in each ear, which are perceived as a single, almost euphoric tone by the brain. Other forms of sound therapy work much in the same way—sound eases, energizes, and empowers us.

This treatment brings emotions to the surface, so oftentimes feelings that you are harboring will arise shortly after or during a session—or it could take up to a day for you to feel this emotional impact."

There is no definitive answer to why sound therapy can be so soothing (or sad, or euphoric, or angering). But it has theories. "The vibrations work by 'massaging' every cell in the body," , who notes that it's about more than just the meditative, relaxing effects of sound. "In contrast to a traditional massage, which manipulates the surface tissue of the body, this treatment works all the way through your skin, muscle, tissue, Much of the healing you experience in a sound bath is of your own making," You are the catalyst for your own change, and it’s you who creates the magic of the experience."

"We have seen emotional release of all kinds, such as crying, euphoria, laughter, and even anger."

What benefits does sound therapy have?

Plenty of compelling research supports sound therapy for relief of both physical and psychological pain, Milosavljevic notes. One study by researchers from the University of California found that meditation aided by Tibetan bowls noticeably decreased stress and anger—especially among people who were new to this kind of practice. Another, focusing on patients with fibromyalgia, noted that low-frequency sound stimulation significantly increased the amount of time participants could both sit and stand without pain.

While sound therapy isn’t a cure-all for most people with severe pain or stress, it’s definitely beneficial," Milosavljevic says

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