What Our Clients Say

Lauren Murphy

My experience at Nervana Wellness Centre was amazing, the healing I received was truly life changing! Bernice is so kind and such a beautiful soul, I highly recommend you book in! ❤️💗💖

Amy Forde

From the minute I walked through the door Bernice made me feel so comfortable and at ease! Felt like a new woman leaving and i cant thank Bernice enough for helping me to overcome and deal with my anxiety better , cant wait to go back during the week❤

Catriona Cronin

Thank you so much Ber for our 4 amazing sessions..will definitely be coming back for more...you truly have a phenomenal gift...and such an amazing person u are...you have awoken and nourished my soul....) feel the best I have felt in a long time...everyone should try this...such a personal and intimate experience with absolutely amazing results

Sandy Greaney

Really enjoyed tonight's workshop s' Bernice 0 Riordan Murphy very powerful & lots of healing for & fantastic to see other women too, & to feel their energies & know we are not alone on our journey. I felt all my angels with me tonight especialy my mams",i, would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn new skills on how to deal with anexity, depression, trauma to contact Bernice it will be a beautiful journey postive & healthy ways to help yourself. Thanks so much Ber your amazing. Lots of love & light to all thr group tonight s'.

Happy Edelle Notte

I did 4 sessions with Bernice and I genuinley feel like a new woman! I have one of my friends seeing her now (who is also raving about Benice after only 1 session) and I'll continue recommending her to people all round me. I'm so happy with the results I will be going back for maintainance sessions. On top of being an amazing healer Bernices prices are so reasonable : making happiness more accesible and attainable. S000000 much for love for this beautiful human!

Julie Bannon

Had an amazing experience at Nervana with the lovely Bernice. I had a havening session and really wasn't sure what to expect but I had heard great things about this form of healing. Bernice made me feel so relaxed and comfortable from the moment I stepped through the doors, I found her to be so kind and comforting and the experience I got through the havening was absolutely mind blowing, its nearing 10 days since my session and I can feel the benefits more and more daily and I absolutely can not wait for my next session ❤️

Lauren O Donovan

I've done so many sessions with bernice over the last few years and I cant thank her enough for what her treatments have done for me! ❤ I've built up so much self love/Courage/happiness/independence etc but most of all I am 100% at peace with myself and it feels so good. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone woman/man it's the best money/investment I've ever done for myself! ☘ thank you beautiful, can't wait to come back for more xxxxx

Jamie Okeeffe

Couldn't stress it enough how good my experience was so welcoming and such a great vibe I left feeling like a new person, very professional kind heart warming place to be I was there for an mored than an hour and it felt like 15 minutes! I didn't know much about haveing I've gained so much knowledge in a short time I was really supprise in what I got from it, it was so accurate its amazing I've been buzzing sense bernise really has a calming oura. I was really relaxed and able to concentrate and connect it was fantastic to say the least I will be back no question about it! Thanks again bernese 💜

Sinead o' donovan

Bernice is absolutely amazing at what she does. She has created a safe, calm space to work through your anxieties and traumas. She has helped me work through so many issues. My self confidence is improving, my anxiety is so much better. I can cope with stress and stressful situations much more calmly and rationally. I have met some fantastic, like minded people who offer amazing support. Over the years I have tried so many things but Bernice has been the only one to address my problems and issues and deal with and resolve them. I have a whole new outlook on life, I'm more positive and I actually like myself now. I'm very much looking forward to many more sessions of whatever new and existing therapies Bernice has to offer. She us absolutely amazing

Kellie Danza

I started sessions with Bernice a few months back, and being a very sceptical person myself I did not expect the absolutely amazing experience that lay ahead! Bernice is an amazing woman she help me so much while doing these sessions, I felt as light as a feather after them and benefited hugely to the point I didn't want to stop! I wouldn highly recommend to anyone who's pain or mental state etc is consuming their lives to give it a go with Bernice, not only is she very professional but took the time to sit and chat with me too , she brings so much peace in to your home just with her presence and I couldn't thank her enough 💕x I will definitely be doing more sessions 😊 Thanks again so much Bernice you are amazing xxxxx

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